We are four women from our mid-forties to our mid-fifties who want to keep styling, keep traveling, keep eating, keep exploring new things. And we want you to come with us on this journey.  We believe that life is better with a little whipped cream or as the Viennese say “Mit Schlag.” Doesn’t it sound great to add just a tad of whipped cream to spice up your life? Wouldn’t that make all the difference? Travel would seem a little more exotic and dangerous.  Style would be edgier, like when you were younger.  And instead of trends passing you by, you’d be setting them.  Well, that’s just what we are trying to do with this web site. We are not sure where we are headed, but we hope you will follow us…

If you are like us, your children are growing up too quickly, and it’s time that we let them.  We can and still do crave glamor, excitement, danger. Don’t you? We are determined to help our generation of mid-lifers redefine aging not by trying to look or act younger but by embracing our passions with grace (and if we happen to look great doing it, so be it!)

As soon as we stop being curious about the world around us, you might as well just throw the dirt over our dead bones.  We are going out in a blaze, even if we crash and burn.

In the posts ahead we will bear all as we explore our passions–fashion, make-up, travel, decor, food, movies, books–adventures of all kinds.  In Auntie Mame’s immortal words, “Life is a banquet and some poor souls are starving to death.”

We invite you to our banquet.  Mit Schlag, of course!

4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MIT SCHLAG

  1. Life is always better Mit Schlag, it covers a variety of cracks, bumps, flaws and whatever ails you. The hell with “Put a Bird on It!” Put some schlag on it. great site.

  2. Terry Castle – I love your Blog! I want to go shopping, back to Paris, I had lunch at French Blue in July…your family room view is amazing! Keep writing because I love reading!

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