Yes it’s hot in Northern California.  One of those wonderful Indian Summer days.  And guess who is dressed for the weather.

Patricia can pull of the above the knee tee-shirt dress, especially with her flats.  Her ballet slippers are great especially since she will be running around San Francisco in the heat all day.

And she is happy because this weather remind her of Provence in the summer.  As for me, I need an ice-tea, some AC, and nice couch to lie on.

Dress: Green Apples $150.00

Shoes: Victoire in Lyon, France: 100 Euro

Sunglasses: Prada $275.00

Necklace: H&M


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Patricia loves color. It goes back to her Provençal roots or maybe she just
likes to add color to the foggy days that we see in San Francisco.

Here she looks playful with her Anthropologie dress of many colors. It’s easy to
wear but because it is so colorful, Patricia keeps her accessories to a minimum.
She contrasts the sweetness of the dress with a modern twist–an orange rawhide

Check out her shoes. The designer, Castaner, is Spanish and she picked them up
in Barcelona for $170 Euros.

Dress from Anthropologie

Rawhide bracelet from Francesca’s: :$12.00


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I had forgotten about the cocktail party I had to attend this evening.  So, like every other woman in the world I went for my LBD (Little Black Dress).

Turn around here was about ten minutes.  I barely have time for a picture and I will do my makeup in the car.

My LBD is a Dolce and Gabbana I bought on sale at Neiman Marcus. The shoes are classic Gucci.  I have one pair I have worn for at least five years.

Sometimes I wear really baggy clothing to cover up my figure.  I’m not sure that is the right thing.  This dress shows my curves. Not sure that’s the right thing either.  But either way I’m going for it.

I dress this outfit down with my Tiffany Elsa Peretti silver mesh earrings and necklace. There is nothing worse than being over-dressed.

Okay, I am really sucking it in in this shot. Could use a pair of Spanx, but they are just too uncomfortable.

And in case I get self conscious about my arms, I am bringing along my silk scarf I bought in Como this summer.

I’m off.


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Just like kitchens, people come in all shapes and sizes. I am not petite. Never have been, never will be. And now I am finding I have so many things to cover-up as I try to adorn my body with the right clothing.

Shopping has stopped being fun for me. Now it is just work!

There are my arms–too flabby. My waist used to be small and now it has that middle-aged bulge. And I have never liked my wide shoulders or my thick calves. Come to think about it, I am not sure I like anything about my body…but I still want to try and look good.

So I am going into my closet for a bare all show and tell.

I approach my closet with fear.

Today feels like a fall day. I’ll slip on my Gap corduroy “sexy boyfriend” low rise jeans. They are relaxed in the hip and thigh but have a tapered leg. And they are stretch, thank G-d!
Love the color. I hope I can carry it off.

I guess this is my ” Up against the wall!” look!

The top has a nice neckline that deemphasizes my wide shoulders and the long sleeved arms cover my flabby biceps.

I love the brown short boots I bought at Macy’s. And the Jeff Gallea belt.

Belt: Jeff Gallea
Boots: Marc Fisher at Macy’s
Shirt: Stiletto at Lindisima (Greenbrae, California)

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  1. Mit Schlag’s style section should showcase the election by trending the new binder fashion for women. Love your fashion stuff!

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