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Kitchen design comes in all shapes and sizes.  As I have gotten older, I like things a bit more streamlined.  I used to love the country look and I still do.  But for right now, I have been enjoying my simple kitchen.

The open shelving has been fantastic to use.  One step away from the dishwasher, I save time, really I do, taking the dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them up on the open shelves.  I hate taking out dishes. This helps.

I love the limestone backsplash and the thick shelves.  It gives the kitchen a certain weight and importance, after all it is the centerpiece of most homes. The island has a travertine countertop and the island is made of dark, fumed oak.  The rest of the kitchen cabinets are painted an off white.

I love my kitchen garage. I never knew a kitchen could have a garage but this makes so much sense.

I stick my crap inside and close the stainless steel door to hide it all.

It’s simple, modern but doesn’t feel too cold.  I think it is the use of organic materials like the limestone, travertine and wood that warms it up.

The kitchen opens up to the family room and then to the outside.

Come over for some pie someday soon.  Mit schlag, of course.

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