Living the Life Right Next Door to Clooney!

The last time I was in Lake Como was 49 years ago!!! Now that makes me sound ancient, which I am.  But in my defense, I was only five.

Dad was directing a couple of movies for Hammer Films in London and during a small break in filming, he took us on a little trip to the Villa D’Este in Lake Como.

Like I said, I was/am spoiled.

My only memories of the famous hotel were of the large swimming pool sitting on a raft in the lake and the ornate fountains that seemed to go on forever.

I was about to return to Lake Como for the first time in almost fifty years and really had no idea what to expect.

Well, I knew enough to know we couldn’t afford the Villa d’Este but I wanted Lake Como to remain the magical place of my youth.

Everyone said, “You gonna say hi to George?” Clooney, of course, who has a residence on the lake. Little did I know that I would find myself in the tiny town of Laglio, just seconds away from George’s, “Villa Oleander.”

I found a wonderful hotel on the Internet—Relais Regina Teodolinda that sits next door to its sister property Relais Villa Vittoria.

Me and My Hubby


The photos say it all. The place was exquisite.

We rented a small tug-boat from the owners of the Villa and we toured all around the lake.

Past Clooney’s house,

Past the Villa D’Este,

Past the most beautiful villas I have ever seen.

And we ate well!

I loved the town of Bellagio but was happy we decided not to stay there. From the small town of Laglio we could easily access most of the other charming towns around the lake.


And I did wander onto the grounds of the Villa D’Este. It is impressive. But if I had to pick, I would stay at the Relais Regina Teodolinda any day. It felt like I was living in my own villa, not too ornate, but luxurious enough to feel pampered.

Prosecco in an infinity pool is now crossed off my bucket list!

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