The Cynthia Collection: One Designer’s Keen Eye on Design

Designer Cynthia Bigony is one of the most creative individuals I know. Her simplicity, grace, and sophistication dictate her design choices.

Last year Cynthia launched The Cynthia Collection–one of a kind belts and jewelry.

Cynthia’s belts are all about the exquisite re-moveable buckles which are made from all natural,  one of a kind materials– sliced agates, geodes, druzy crystals, fossils and petrified woods.


I love the natural, organic feel of the belt buckles, the natural elegance of each carefully selected stone, and the practicality of having a couple buckles that I can interchange.

Cynthia lovingly picks out each stone and finds herself attracted to the white crystals that swirl around inside the sliced agates. And there is a thoughtful reason for Cynthia’s selections. “In summer time, I like my belts to be worn with white jeans and sandals and in the winter with blue jeans or black corduroys and a white tee shirt.”

Cynthia’s jewelry became a natural extension of her one of a kind approach. Again, each stone of every earring is hand picked by Cynthia, and like her, is simply radiant.

The bottom stone is a druzy crystal and the top stone is a semi-precious faceted gem–the intent is contrast, shiny and rough–the look is playful.

The Cynthia Collection offers inexpensive accent jewelry that can be worn day or night.

When the sun hits the stones, they glitter and light up…


…just like Cynthia.

The Cynthia Collection is available at The Store  in Mill Valley, California.





9 thoughts on “The Cynthia Collection: One Designer’s Keen Eye on Design

  1. I am a huge fan of Cynthia’s designs. I like to update my collection with the beginning of each season and have such fun with her pieces. The brilliant colors are very uplifting and the natural stones seem to sooth the soul.

  2. Cynthia has an unusual eye and feeling for simple but elegent and fresh but not too trendy. Her creative design is inspiring and comes from her heart. Love it all!

  3. Such a great idea, first the belts and then the jewelry. No wonder they all are a hit. Even Gucci tried those belts but not as wonderful!! Keep it up,

  4. The Cynthia Collection is incredible! The pieces are both “timeless classics” while also being very contemporary and trend forward. Everytime I wear Cynthia Collection Jewelry, I get tons of compliments. They add some instant pizzazz and glamour to any outfit (from jeans & a t-shirt to a fancy evening outfit).
    Cynthia has created an amazing line of jewelry and belts that are elegant and fun!

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