Hipster or Oldster?

I am so sick of hearing the term ‘ hipster.’ I cant imagine how hipsters feel, but I suspect hipsters hate being called hip. Coming from a generation that remembers beatniks, hipsters sounds so, yes I will say it, yesterday.

If you want to see hip just look at Mick Jagger on the Ed Sullivan show in 1966 singing Paint It Black:

Jaw dropping. When he sings, he is so, well, sexy.

Look at what he is wearing!

The jacket with the epaulettes that tie ‘thingy’ around his neck, the turquoise ring on his finger, his shoes, and those skinny trousers. OH Mick, we appreciate you even more now than in 1966.

If you are not the very definition of a hipster, I don’t know who is.

If you look back on the style of dress during this period of the British Invasion, anything and everything was free game as long as you wore it with conviction!

No one styles with conviction better than Mick!

Being hip is like being popular. You can’t try to be either. You must be who you are, embrace it, even at 50, and wear it, shake it, for G-d’s sake scream it…like the Rolling Stones.

A secret hipster lies in each of us. Take chances. TODAY! Fail. Smile. Laugh. And get back up and try again.

I never thought of Janis Joplin as a fashion icon–but she was.  Her music rocked us, moved us, her death jolted us, saddened us.

But look at these amazing photos of Janis. The smile, the big round glasses. Check out her choice of pants, of coats, of bracelets and rings.

You will always be the real deal Janis. And I would never, ever call you a hipster. Just JANIS.

Remember Mary Quant, the Welsh fashion designer and British fashion icon? They called her the very heart of the “mod” fashion movement. She is one of the designers who took credit for the miniskirt and hot pants.

I love that Ms. Quant knew that by promoting these and other fun fashions she encouraged young people to dress to please themselves and to treat fashion as a game.

So what would Mary Quant say to the generation she encouraged to wear miniskirts as we turn 50?

I like to believe she would say to continue to have fun with fashion and wear your clothes with conviction!



Shoes:  Doc Martin’s (from way back)

Paints: Eileen Fisher (Petite) never been petite in my life

Blouse and Bustier Bra: American Apparel

Bracelets: H&M

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2 thoughts on “Hipster or Oldster?

  1. It’s like the word “meta” and “gangsta” Those terms are so over-used these days, it’s ridiculous. To be honest, I’ve been “meta” (self-aware and self-referential) all my Life. LOL

    As for fashion, I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy of “If you’re comfortable in yourself, your fashion will seem to be a part of you and natural”. 🙂

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