French Blue

I love french blue.

I love it for men’s shirts,

women’s dresses,


glass goblets,

tin ceiling tiles,

window shutters,


and pillows.

I love french blue, but I guess I have already said that. The only thing better than french blue is french blue mit schlag.

When I heard that a new restaurant opened in Napa Valley, California with the name
French Blue, well, I had to try it.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Situated on Main Street in St. Helena, California French Blue runs straight through town. It is both charming and delicious.

Its interior makes you want to remodel your home. Open shelving, comfy chairs, and the blue and white worn pillows that adorn the outside patio make for a perfectly elegant yet casual setting. You feel like you are sitting in someone’s perfect home in Napa.

The food really surprised me. At first glance it seemed over priced, but the portions are large and some of them are meant to be split. Well at least we thought so.

I wanted to snap a photo of the sumptuous country cheese, tomato and strawberry salad. But I had already dug into this shared first course and remembered half way through the starter. It just looked so good I couldn’t wait.

We enjoyed hamburgers adorned with avocado and heirloom tomatoes, pulled pork sliders and lemon chicken with the most glorious beans. Next time, I hope to try wood cooked lamb meatballs with spicy puttanesca and feta. Chef Philip Wang serves home cooking from this incredibly homey restaurant. The french-inspired interiors invite diners to enter through their rustic doors all day long.

And how can you resist french fries with béarnaise sauce?

Of course, the wines are well-edited Northern California specialities, but the cocktail list looked really fun too. When was the last time you had a Sidecar?

So if you’re feeling blue, French Blue that is, head for a bit of country charm…

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