A Woman Alone in Jordan

I am not sure I have the guts to do what Patricia does. Patricia is an amazing traveler.  She approaches travel like she approaches life: fearlessly. I am so far from fearless. So I wasn’t surprised when she set off by herself to visit Jordan.  As she says, “Jordan is not the first place it come to mind when you want to travel as a woman alone, but you should!”

It’s exotic yes. And I’ll take Patricia’s word for it being safe.

“Amman, the capital of Jordan,” Patricia adds “is a clean version of Cairo with amazing food. Hummas, pita, olives, marinated tomatoes, pomegranates, dates, falafel, baklava are found everywhere and are a delicious part of any meal.  Patricia did say eating a falafel everyday takes on new meaning. We will have to ask her what she meant by this.

The history of Jordan and its people are what brought Patricia to Jordan. She found a fantastic hotel, two hours from Amman called Evason Ma’In Hot Springs–a Six Senses Resort and Spa.

“Lying 264 meters below sea level, this resort is an oasis of tranquility and luxury. I have never been so pampered in my life! Dead Sea salt wrap, olive mask, argan oil, you name it, they have it!! And the food was sublime.”

“But Petra is the place to visit,” Patricia insists, “and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Patricia had the unique opportunity to meet bedouins. “They are a beautiful and peaceful people. I was lucky enough to share their meal and tea under their tent at the end of the unforgettable day I spent in Petra”

“The patriarch wanted to exchange me for 4 goats and 2 camels. He thought my husband would be thrilled but I was kind of disappointed: I thought I was worth much more!”

Patricia is definitely worth more.

I wonder what falafels taste like mit-schlag?



2 thoughts on “A Woman Alone in Jordan

    • Yes It was the safest place I have been and the people are so welcoming… They invite you to drink tea all the time! Really a place to visit with no fear and you will be amazed …

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